Local Pubs, Restaurants.

Walk the Park, try the Food Fair for bfast? Wander the Industrial Museum and see the Beam Engine (poetry in motion).

Catch the Steam Train at Ruddington to Loughborough and back, afternoon tea at the Framework Knitters garden party

Dinner, local Restaurant…

The local for a swift half??? Irishy-Rum coffees are good there too!!

All local … Tomoz…the Castle and silk exhibition, The Riviera and bar, Starlight express musical in the week (Theatre Royal and other theatres on the Stumbleupon link on the sidebar) Nottm Trent bus ticket and theatre offer

Mr Mango group bus tickets…(train fare at the train museum, Castle Entrance concessions, Riviera free, Wollaton Park small charge car park, museums…)

There are Kangaroo bus tickets for cross bus co’s and the tram, but check if TrentBartonland group ticket works with them…tweet them, link on the sidebar, they do ans tweets!.


Bfast in the Park etc etc…

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