Just a thought…

These late night ideas! Kind of at the open air city centre bar thoughts…

How about turning the Council House into a luxury hotel, spa, restaurant and maybe snooker venue, and the Square into the hotel swimming pool possibly open air, or glass dome covered with palm trees – a kind of CentreParks Eden type place?!!

Just a thought!! Maybe not!! Its unfair…pun…to disappoint the local kids!

There is of course a whole space the other side of the railway near the County Footie Ground and the turn to Sneinton, that could be a super sporty olympic park and Eden type space!! One day maybe!Oh and an electric transport hire place too…several in fact around the city, like these…. http://www.golakes.co.uk/travel/by-C

That square is almost Psychodelic…Surreal…it’s a work of Art don’t you think…Dali would be proud of us! Can we have a jungle too one day, with Sofa’s!! Put the jsa folk in ‘It ain’t half hot mum’ costumes and run a radio station for a few days in the Autumn! A Possibility?? No Cars!! Or even a copy Minnack Open Air Theatre type space with seascape cinema backdrop…the possibilities are endless …

Good luck GCSE kids (and all kids)

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