Riviera (?)




and theres greenspace at the Castle, and the Arboretum both in walking distance and a busfare (£3.40 return, kids £1.70) will take one person and one child, all round the City all day (and for adults and accompanied kids, a whole day lasts to 4.29am so you can visit friends or Adults can have fun with the City nightlife and take the late night bus home) there are group offers and City Cards too so check the bus co’s info.

Use these day tickets for some exploring, there are chill out spaces within easy reach of the City Centre for some summer sunshine. Not too far are the Victoria Embankment (with kids play park) and Trent Bridge, and Wollaton Park, (remember to use the proper pelican road crossings, especially on busy roads when you are adventuring) of course you can adventure further out in the County and visit places on TrentBartonLand bus routes such as Newstead Abbey or find a boat trip at Gunthorpe, a lovely village by the river in our picturesque Trent Vale (nice place dodgy name maybe from the days of highwaymen!) with two or three pubs and restaurants.


TrentBartonland have lots of summer offers for Notts County travel.

if you are in the pics they are going on flickr too!!

Notts County Council’s Bank Holiday events are on the next post.

See the travel page and twitter for the bus co info.

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