Last Day Olympics London2012

The last day of our truly awsome, beautiful, “Fitness Beyond Belief” (almost), Olympics London2012… after all we’ve TRIED these sports at school and KNOW IT ISN’T EASY to run like the wind, swim like a dolphin, aim like a bird of prey!! Human beans obviously are truly awsome: is it really just the right body and luck and training? Or is it Community Involvement to spot the kids with potential?

Will the middle aged amongst us, who have watched lots of Olympics already, see them back in the UK again?? Hope So, theres always Eire if they put in a bid one day ‘spose or hop on an ‘plane to Rio in 2016.  Will 2020 be in Istanbul, Madrid or Tokyo (they seem to be the bids) we’ll find out soon. It just won’t be the same when it’s not in our beautiful Capital City. They should host some major tournament every year!!

Closing Ceremony this evening, and todays sport info on:

Don’t forget that the ParaOlympics follow; they need support too. Link at the end of the ordinary Olympics Live site.

(thats the non mobile link thats been added, there is a mobile option at the bottom of their webpage).

and for the past and future Olympic info, bids, past games etc. check the official site and follow their facebook or twitter or rss.

The beeb want tweets to survive the loss of the olympics…support them, send artwork, pics, photo’s …see patternweft blog, on the sidebar for their link.

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