Star Party Fans!! Space – The Mars Curiosity Landing

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The information about the Mars Curiosity Landing and its ongoing project will presumably constantly updated constantly on this official website (they have a twitter you can follow too) There will be lots of lovely photos sent directly from Mars while the project ~(mission?) is ongoing and it will be running for around two years apparently!!! – How did they get a vehicle on Mars, How do the photos come back… only they know, check the link…

Star Chart App

It’s possible to find the position of Mars using the Star Chart App which can be downloaded from the Google Play site…It’s useful to find where Planets and Stars are in relation to where you live.  Download the App, enter your latitude and longditude in the settings, (Nottingham UK – latitude 52N57 longditude 1W10).  You can make sure its working by pointing it towards the Moon, and it will appear on the screen…The Screen can be blue or red (night mode) Lots of Stars and Planets are identified for you.

Tonight Mars is below the horizon at midnight, from our location (Nottingham UK) and so to find the planet with a telescope you would need to wait until it rises which changes so maybe contact an Astronomical Society like the one in Nottingham (link below).  It can be seen on the App showing below the dotted line that says horizon.

Checking Star Gazer App with the location of the Moon in the sky


The pic is a bit fuzzy – taking photos using two mobiles with an app that wont stay still isn’t simple!!

These guys know most in Nottingham about Astronomy and viewing the planets via telescopes (and they gave permission for the link at the Star Party in January) so if you want to be able to actually see Mars through a Telescope you could perhaps contact them.

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