Team GB overview link &

Text links allowed

You Tube link, probably not updated throughout the games, but it’s quite interesting. It’s possible supporters are posting vids but you would need to search for them either on You Tube or Flickr.

A Flickr link, you could join their group!!

Lots of groups…sign up to Flickr, and search London Olympics 2012, join the groups you like and upload your supporting pics (careful of official event pics etc) or just view the supporters having fun!!


Falling out with Google for discontinuing the mobile igoogle, i changed my dolphin speed dial to yahoo…and found this super Olympic’s link

So on the basis that text links are allowed, thats the best round up i can find short of the official Team GB app (thats often not real time) and the official twitter (thats swamping my tweetcaster app with minute by minute updates)!!


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