Olympi s

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However, has anyone noticed it’s not possible (with paid for telly, and probably with freeview as well) to choose the sporting events to watch in advance and make a weekly viewing plan…because the bbc aren’t describing the hourly schedule all it says is “Olympics 2012”..unlike Eurosport, who are at least saying Olympics- Cycling or Olympics Swimming etc!  And ITV hasn’t got any of the telly rights!!!

No ordinary adverts while watchin the Olympics then!!!

There is a ‘Shedule’ on the website…but have we a cool bbc twitter or email alert system for the events we want to watch…21st Century style?? watch this space…

and (haha) the bbc schedule twitter icon only sends a tweet – not a twitter account to click and follow…oh dear…

With this link below, (computer or phone), and/or the app and the telly on…maybe we won’t miss anything, (but wouldn’t we rather have alerts by twitter or on the screen…all the modern telly’s..interactive…what can we say?)


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