East Midlands Airport

We see the planes flying over sometimes when the flightpath is over Wolly, and as a kid a trip to see the Airport and watch a few arrivals and departures was quite a mega treat, add a visit to the Aircraft museum at Cosford and theres a brill day out!! Of course off on holiday is probably better but it’s still cool and there used to be a viewing space and the bar was popular…anyone know if it’s still ok to go for a look-see only?? Obviously safety comes first but it’s good for kids to know how our area works!


Then the RAF museum?


Tweet from TweetCaster @Lukey400m: Thanks to the friendly staff at east midlands airport

http://p.twimg.com/AyeWrGRCYAEHbiW.jpghttp://p.twimg.com/AyeWrGRCYAEHbiW.jpg Shared via TweetCaster

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