Good luck weather-wise Splendour

Parents despairing at the start of the six weeks summer holiday, and no park cafe to chill out in today…with kids playing ‘get your credit card out and buy something’ …Bramcote Park’s cool and Bramcote Lane has cafe’s..we get the Park back, a bit scruffy’d up tomorrow.

No swimming in the lake you kids, over this or any summer- the water can make you really sick, the place was originally owned by the d’morteyns back in history so they knew the water was full of Gypsum or something…Attenborough Nature Reserve is the same, and the Trent is definitely too dangerous.

Try Bramcote Baths, there’s a  Park there and the Council have organised cheapo swimming tickets…Then theres Harvey Haddon athletics centre too ..all on the City Card and the ‘Beach’ in the City Centre…and Skeggy is only a short train ride away for family days out.

Theres Holme Pierrepont Water Sports…and camping cheap there too- don’t drown the kids white water rafting please, we love our kids mostly…but we do have our moments…a night or two under canvas might be a good chill out last resort measure…b-b-q, loud music with the elec hookup party kindof!!

Those kids who live near the Summer holiday camps near the coast don’t get to go in the camps and have summer fun either…here Splendour weekend you can hear the music from the rest of the Park, but not see much…years ago we used to hop over the wall as kids (that’s me and my best buddy-twin Colin) to avoid paying to get into events and mooch around…but music events just aren’t free anymore anywhere and are really stitched up both viewing from afar (scared of telephoto lenses) and perimiter fences. It really ain’t British!!

Bring back some small free festies!!

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