Our Manor…






Don’t forget there’s no cashpoint on site…and you’ll need dosh for the beertent, fair and festie nosh.

The nearest cashpoints are on Bramcote lane (theres two there), the main co-op on Trowell Rd, Middleton Boulevard Island shops, and Arleston Drive. Foursquare, Qype and Wiktude world apps have info. 

There’s no bottles or glass, no tents or popup tents and no barbeques on site…

There are lots pubs, nearby (it must be possible to leave and go back!!) most are restaurants too and have gardens…The Hemlock and Dragon, The Priory, Admiral Rodney, Middleton, The Wollaton pub and Kitchen and The Crown.

There’s four chippys one opp the park on the village side next to the Wheelhouse, one at Middleton Boul island (the road back to Nottm City) one opp the Priory and one on Bramcote Lane (through the village left and on towards the A52)

Spices is an Indian Restaurant on Wollaton vale. Mr Manns is a chinese near to the park and you’ll find it opp the Wheelhouse (the village side drive in entrance).

They all close 11ish but are in walking distance and open all day.

From the park (not the enclosed bit) there are pedestrian entrances Derby Rd (behind the lake…for the Priory)
Parkside right at the hall end of the lake and up the hill, through the gate then down to the main road and right to the island then left for Bramcote Lane shops and the Hemlock and Dragon),
the village side roadway entrance and exit for the village (Admiral Rodney, and through the village to the A609 for the Middleton and co-op…cash machines). The same and right for Mr Manns, the Wheelhouse, Wollaton Pub n Kitchen and the Crown…on the A609 back towards the City each one a bit further along.
Harrow Road, from the top of the hill, outside the gardens the other side of the lake find the golf course, keep its fence on your right and see the path lined with trees …not the roadway…at the end of the path, through the gate and then right to the end of the road. The shops and cash point and chippy are on the left, the Crown pub across the road.
All of these pedestrian entrances close around 9.30.

From Middleton Boulevard Island where the ring road crosses the A609, walking through the park to the A52 pedestrian entrance on the A52 is probably less than a mile.

Theres cheap hotels in Nottingham City, nightlife, clubs etc.

This app has a mind of it’s own when it comes to horiz and vertical photo sizing…

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