Is it funny?

The Diamond Jubilee bonfire night (sorry beacon but not on the hill), Armed Forces Weekend, the Napoleonic re-enactment….and now Dizzee, Katie and the Levellers…

Diggers, Levellers, (not quite all the same… The The… remember those awsome days…Heineken Festie….even in the 1960’s Tom Jones….was he in the park the year the winding wheel went??)

The Madness and Pogues year it torrented down all day…it’s quite sad it’s not a two day event…maybe we could bus folk to and from Holme Pierrepont campsite but thats quite a long way. Churning up the whole Park would be a bit much…having seen and experienced the bridge at Glastonbury on a rainy year…maybe a Glamping or Studi Hall Res block booking stop over space…surely there are possibilities!!

A Sunshiny Day has been ordered, wonder if it could be a heatwave!

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