Festie Food

Festie food is scrumptious, good for picnics too (even in the car day out on a rainy day, those small two ring briefcase camping stoves or even a blueit or a mega flask can save pounds…and also how many festies are held on sunshiny days!!)

The park is close to restaurants and cafes, pubs and take-aways even the chippy but Clumber Park and Newstead don’t have as many nearby. The cafes are super especially the Rufford Abbey one with lots of offers…and our own WollyPark cafe does awsome cappaccino and bacon and mushroom muffins amongst other sarnies and snacks: however its expensive for a family so barbeques and picnic munchies are sensible. Sadly it’s not ok to have barbeques in Wollaton Park. Clumber Park and others for a day out, it is ok.

A few Recipie ideas on Morrisminorarcana blog for home or outside, days or camping, see the sidebar.

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