More food for thought..

As a child, it was 3d for an adult to go to Nottingham on the bus and 1d for the junior ticket….as there were 20 shillings in a pound, and 12 pence to every shilling….that means the cost of one bus journey of £3.40 (return) today would have paid for 210 trips to Nottingham in 1959-60!!

Who says inflation isn’t too much….50 years later we just would not have believed it….ok the bus now is just as good as the blue midland F5 and the E8 were then, but 210 journeys for the price of one is quite amazing… there were 4 x 3d to a shilling…fruit salad sweets were 4 to a penny (1d) at Mr Cunnagh’s post office at Middleton Boulevard, sherbert fountains 3d…broken biscuits at Marsdens where the Nottingham Building Society is now and iced buns 1d each.

(Tomorrow the return busfare into town and back will be £714.00!! Thats the equivalent!! So whats the inflation over 50 years!!)

I never went to the ABC cinema on chapel bar on a saturday morning for the kids films, it was supposed to be awsome fun and open because all the Raleigh, Players, Plessey, Boots kids parents were working, the factories were 24 hour 7 days a week except factory fortnight and Christmas…apparently Saturday morning watching films and munching sweets and playing up was the best fun ever. 

There are exhibits from the factory days in the Industrial Museum in the Courtyard!!

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