A little lateral thinking, pub gossip ‘food for thought’…

Maybe it would be interesting to compare two types of media with the pending film release:-

so for ‘The Tudors’ Fans: our own fabulous telly drama, where the drama is set in the 1500s and tells the history of Henry viii and the Tudors in the UK around the time of the concept of building Wollaton Hall and then on into the intrigue of Lady Jane Grey, King Edward iv, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I…

Rivals & Allies of the King – The Tudors Wiki

Rivals & Allies of the King – The Tudors Wiki.

and then the fantasy epic of the awsome Batman movie …with Wollaton Hall as one of the many locations…why did they choose it as,a location etc etc…

We’ll only find out if there are any open or hidden links to themes from history (and it can’t be American history unless its setting out to conquer the new world) in the new film that has used our Wollaton Hall as a location after it’s been released.

The link so far could be it’s one of the ancestral homes of Henry Willoughby Knight of the Body to Henry viii, and the name of the film, ie The Dark Knight….

and maybe even that a Lord Middleton who’s land (ok they sold it) housed a couple of thousand USAF bomber crews in WW2 has recently passed away…

and possibly just possibly the date of the film release…479 years later +/- 1 day to Henry VIII excommunication if we allow for old style-new style dates…

now going out on a limb even further – call it lateral thinking – rather than sounding a bit paranoid…479 BC is around the time of Plato….and microsoft techi wizz people are known as neo-platonists…but thats all together too PC and of course we won’t mention a certain new Duchess, a battle for Greece and a brand of US popcorn according to the Internet

brings us back to …why Gotham? Theres some info about the Batman comic creators that indicates they chose the name Bruce from Robert the Bruce…his best buddy was a Douglas who was the governor of Nottingham Castle in the 1300’s….and Wayne from a Rich American. As the comic character was created in 1939…not long after the Edward viii abdicated and married Wallace Simpson maybe it was a kind of ‘spoof’ or ‘lampoon’ on the whole scandal of the time (his affair with a Nottm lass before Wallace….Wallace, Bruce?) and Robin….

It’s fun to speculate…

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