Tweet from TweetCaster

Tweet from TweetCaster…. and TweetCaster have a ‘share’ option to WordPress … hope its all ok.

@ExperienceNotts: Only 10 days until The Dark Knight Rises – spot Wollaton Hall in this 13 minute featurette (short url was here, shared via TweetCaster App)

(sorry folks you have to search for it yourselves, just can’t risk takin on movie makers…..our own small Gotham village is of course rural and quiet….but did the original batm.n comic writer know anything about it??)

Check ExperienceNotts twitter or search hashtags… #Batman #lovenotts

The official twitter site is being followed by Wollaton_nottm twitter (see the sidebar), there won’t be retweets, but you can find their twitter on the official website, and follow yourselves or check Wollaton_nottm profile ‘following’ and find it from there!!
Please don’t add stuff to blogs or websites about the film as they are all about making mega bucks…just view yourselves or ‘like’ the official facebook or follow the official twitter…check their site for the soc media they have decided you can follow …other non official sites and reviews are probably for personal viewing only.

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