OK we went a bit modern

A 'sparse' blog for Splendour

see the new Tumblr link on the sidebar…you have to scroll down quite a way…


click to go to the tumblr-blog and click the post to return…. it in honour of the armed forces weekend, the establishment stuff, The up and coming Splendour Festie and of course the location use of Wollypark for the new Batman movie

~The Wollypark blog wont stay ‘new-ish’ like this although the pic is now one of the ‘header designs’…the author is happier in the oldie green evolved hippy Festie Cafe Round-Edged kind-of-non-elite-green-lifestyle albeit with internet, blogs, apps, social media etc etc… (not that the guys who build the hall lived in a peaceful tranquil kind of era…Bosworth, Armada, Civil War days etc)

It seemed appropriate to celebrate the location of the Hall for the new Batman movie, and the festie with an additional design…so a new tumblr blog has been made, obviously we cant put much info on it without crossing barriers, as its a big movie making company with mega bucks …hopefully…who booked the park for a short while for location. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could be the location for a historic film too!!

Splendour Festie also has big name music copyright folk arriving…so not many posts on that front either (sadly)…but the festie will be happening soon.
If anyone would like to contribute to the Splendour Tumblr, posts, reviews or photos please email or comment and let the author know…

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