Amber Flood Alert

Tributaries of the River Trent (wonder how if affects the Slough under Wollaton Vale?)

If the alert goes to red, its like a beach red flag…dont go there unless you have to, if you live there its sandbags, maybe move stuff, maybe flood plan goes into action….

Hope it stops raining for everyone.

Check roads with AA or RAC or greenflag…definitely don’t drive the A50….the water floods over the top of the bridges…Train lines can flood too.

Gedling used to flood over the railway bridge and up to a railway carridges on the bridge….and some idiot built a school behind it!!

Are the Colwick flood gates to keep the Aegir out of the City, or control the flow towards the Humber??

The City’s worst floods were in 1947
and there are flood alleviation schemes

Its probably worse in storms along the coast than rainfall…the Env Agency know the facts.

The Trent Aegir is one of the problems, it can reverse the flow of the river at Spring tides (wonder if it happens if the Humber, Ouse are in flood). Its probably worse if you are actually boating on the river. The next Spring Tide is around 3 Aug according to the Env. Agency pdf file.

Theres a public flickr pic of a boat surfing the Aegir further down the Trent in Lincolnshire here…

Historic info from the Met education

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