Rhodedendrons and the tramway

Mostly in the gardens, the woodland and around the lake. The Nottingham University have a whole roadside border, a display of them in fact, all different colours.  They are next to and around their boating lake just as they are around the park lake. These amazing flowering bushes are seen as a nuisance and almost a weed because they are so prolific once they are established in some places (Scotland and the lochs for example), aslo originally they werent native to the UK but introduced; they are often used as a screen and a flowering display and presumably if managed are ok.

It’s cool to enjoy looking forward to the bushes blooming each year in the park and on uni boulevard,  sadly they are over all too soon.  This year panic set in when the new tramway route was announced and advised trees would be cut down along the boulevard and then it was dire to see the green carnage. Thankfully the route is the opposite side of the road but it looks so bleak now.  Its difficult to understand how 750v direct electric current is environmentally sound though. Perhaps it’s because the tram stops running if there are future taxes or cutbacks on electricity or fuel.


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