Wollaton_Nottm Twitter

Its not so much the actual Wollaton_Nottm Twitter as the people followed … the 50 sites chosen to be followed provide lots of up to date info on whats happening around nottingham, its not possible to constantly retweet them all (twitter is annoying in this respect… you love your timeline, but how do you share it?) Basically if you ‘follow’ a twitter account you receive just their tweets…but if you follow lots of sites, you get a timeline with lots of tweets one after the other…see the pic…

Re-tweeting – this means the info sent to you is added to your own twitter account, but its time consuming… and there isnt a link to automatically retweet everything sent to you.  To get the info that Wollaton_Nottm Twitter receives for instance, it would be necessary to retweet everything flying into that account… Other people you follow may retweet info and it will arrive on your twitter unless you click the drop down menu on your followed sites and select turn off retweets!

Sharing …There are some apps that let you share a ‘channel’ where you can add the various twitter people you have followed and then share the channel such as channel caster app… but thats on android, there are probably ones on the iphone and ipad… otherwise, its just add the’ followed’ people or sites to your own twitter…

Updating a news Twitter….one person isnt enough to keep a twitter up to date minute by minute with retweets… some organisations have employees just to type tweets and send them. Careful how many tweets a site sends out before you follow it…

Chat Twitter – just chat to friends and send info.

Trending Twitter – trying to get your twitter #hashtag showing in ratings – like the #Nottinghamrocks hashtag – building your number of followers.

Info Twitter – to cascade info to people who are following you, such as the bus companies…

Other sites with info to share (Social Media)

Google+1 have pages, circles and nearby, google+1’s (similar to like on facebook), Facebook have pages, likes and messages

There are lots of social media sites, myspace, tumblr, pinterest, stumbleupon, pearltrees to name a few – see the side bar there are several linked to this blog… but it would be a full time job to keep these social media sites up to date minute by minute so at present its all relying on the various twitters and facebooks around nottingham to send their info in or chose sites to add…its ok to only occassionally add your comment or information but only read whats sent to you. 

Facebook tourism sites too are full of whats going on… experience nottinghamshire for example….http://www.facebook.com/LoveNotts

If you think of  social media with a tourism focus about Nottingham like a mind map….. starting with nottingham and the council info (as they put on events)  then theres the private company tourism info, the hotels, the nottm cinemas and theatres, the sports places, the outdoor places, the uni’s, the people who review stuff, and possibly the news companies (but basically the news is too bleak to add to a tourism site!!) you begin to get a picture of what its all about….their tweets and pictures and url’s (internet links) fly into your account with updated info depending on how often they send out tweets…the cricket for example tweet alot with scores and play info… it all looks like the pic below on your twitter…have a go its fun…  start a new twitter account (you need an email address and its free)…. then search for people to follow…. use the ones on Wollaton-Nottm for a start if you like the look of them….   fun…informative … useful info (bus timetable changes for example, event info)

Careful of what you put on a public twitter – people who have app on their phones and can search ‘nearby’ can see all your pics and tweets.  You can of course choose to make your twitter (or other social media sites) private so that only your chosen followers can see your info… if the site is private an email is sent for you to verify before the site or person is allowed access to your timeline.

If you have a facebook or twitter account (or any of the other social media sites) and click their share buttons, it will add the site or post on a blog to your own site…as a facebook like, or a twitter follow for example…

Tweet Wollaton_Nottm with how you have got on with your new twitter or any other social media site….its basically friendly (there are a few dodgy sites but you can soon unfollow those if you arrive on them by mistake) !!


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