Olympic Torch Relay tonight…

See the Olympic posts and page for info

Just our luck for the torch to be here Wimbledon and traditionally Glastonbury Festie week:- when it always rains, and Cliff Richard sings…soz folks, its just bound to rain…as long as Cliff isnt drafted in, we should be OK…

AND it’s Armed Forces and Veterans weekend!! For the Nottingham Festie in 1971, they brought an assortment of Tanks including a Chieftan to the Park as part of the Festival…and the Lord Middleton at the time had just passed away…the Lords Middleton have lived in Yorkshire in a much larger estate-park at Birdsall for lots of years rather than at Wollaton, sadly the same Lord who received the title then, has also recently passed away, it’s not really appropriate for us to comment (there are mentions in the Telegraph 27th May etc) except to perhaps add condolences in this Jubilee and Olympic year – so sad to think of elderly people who miss these awsome celebrations and perhaps some fitting mention could be made at this weekends Veterans Day. 

Hope the weather forecast is better for this weekend!!

Back to the Olympic Relay Torch this evening:- check the local news, see the blog’s Olympic page, the Torch is moving South gradually making it’s way to London and here on route through the County and City lots of torch bearers need support – there’s a celebration evening in Nottingham Old Market Square later too!!

Road closures are in place for a short while (only on the torch route) and public transport have made changes for the day, so check their websites (theres a page for that on this blog too!) and/or their twitter…see the ‘following’ links on Wollaton_nottm twitter

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