New Tumblr…

A levellers sound sample from their new ‘Static on the Airwaves’ album turned up on the Dily Facebook….so as it couldn’t be shared here…and with Splendour in mind, a new Tumblr has been created … maybe looking back to old Splendour festies, and including 2012,  maybe even the Heineken free festie days…’the good ole day’s…it all depends on the online ‘share’ links that are, and aren’t allowed…and could possibly include some Dark Knight film share info!!

The question now is…what to create with the design…. greenspace park views??  abstract??  Perfunctory…not so cool, Busy, Spacey, (it’ll maybe include a music timeline – songs that been played on the transistor radio in the park over the years, what was trending at the 1971 Nottingham Festival??) and then because they have old radios and machinery…it may include the Industrial Museum…fun to create lots to think about…

Its like designing a MySpace all over again…(and theres an oldies rock music one of those to add too soon…)

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