Motorshow, Autocarna….(thats usually old cars)…Fairground! Diamond Jubilee!!

It’s Saturday before the big weekend and the weather has changed from super sunshiny to the usual dreary drizzling day and yet there’s a promise of fun brewing (is there a beertent this weekend?) The event is sponsored by the Nottm Evening Post and the lovely Council and it looks a little like a fairground as well as a Motor Show, with all kinds of rides and stalls setting up from our own favourite Bouncy Castle and Slide to hook-a-duck, a Helter Skelter and the amazing Alpine Roller Coaster.

All the fun of the Motor Show Autocarna Fair!!

Kids do love their fairs so parents be kind and spare a few pennies for the fairground.

On Monday evening at the same time as the rest of the UK and for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations , theres apparently a contolled beacon being lit. Traditionally they were lit to communicate and celebrate important events across the land; one of the earliest was to celebrate the success of the Armada against the Spanish in 1588 – the year Wollaton Hall was completed.

Wolly Hall has recently been a location for a new Batman movie, and in July theres Splendour Festival too!!

Hoping the old buses and lorries are turning up as well as the classic and vintage cars as they have done for lots of years to add to the spectacle!!

All we need now is the Sunshine, keeping fingers crossed theres no rain!! Happy Jubilee everyone.

Apparently Bilborough have a mini fair and a road closure on Tuesday 5th, 12 mid-day-9pm with entertainment and a bring a picnic if you arent a local!! So it seems that around and about communities are holding Jubilee Community Celebrations.

Have a fun weekend, add info and pics on flickr groups, Wollaton Park, Nottingham or Wollatonparkfolk, pretend to be a reporter and add info on here, google+, facebook, twitter, pinterest, pearltrees, foursquare, qype. etc.

Here’s a panorama app photo link from lunchtime today, its not possible to control what other people add for their pics, mostly they are super landscapes and the link should take you straight to the Wollypark setting for up the Motor Show Autocarna fun weekend, but be aware if you wish to look around the website that its open to everyone. (Panorama pics by Photaf app found on google play, and uploaded to their website)




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