No-one likes riots…but it’s been in the news…

It’s sad to think in the 21st Century there are still the same problems as in centuries gone by….it was thought that once every person ie men and women no matter what their circumstances had a right to a vote things would change… however just as a reminder of the past here’s a link from Notts History and a quote from a super book on the history of Nottingham, and maybe it can put what’s happened in the City last year into context before there’s some kind of anti social label attached as a City and our region that might deter potential employers from turning up …

and a quote from:- A Centenary History of Nottingham

  •  ‘In 1766, another year in which food riots took place across the country, Goose Fair was the occasion of a ‘great cheese riot’ when local suppliers demanded a price close to 3d per pound.  Stalls were attacked and ransacked, and cheeses distributed to the crowd,  being barrel-shaped they could easily be rolled, and soon they were being propelled down Wheeler Gate and Peck Lane.  The mayor, trying desperately to intervene, stood in the middle of Peck Lane, only to be knocked over by an accelerating cheese.  Troops were called out, shots fired, and one man was killed in the fracas.  Further food related riots occurred in 1785 and several times during the 1790s’.

Beckett J and contributors, 2006, A Centenary History of Nottingham, Cambs University Press

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