It’s a bit grey today…but there’s a Solar Eclipse

We can’t see it in the UK, but the astronomers reliably state that it can be seen from Japan to Texas!!

It’s not surprising then, that the sunshine was missing; but a walk by the lake is still lovely, the swifts are swooping and skimming the water, dive-bombing the ducks, the coots are squatting an old swan’s nest looking lost in the big grass island nest. The Herons are flying in like prehistoric beings with their huge wings and long legs and are feeding their chicks and the Geese and Ducks making a racket as usual. Theres only one swan but the others are probably further around the lake.

Waterwise, it’s the next best thing to being by the seaside without the blustery wind and the razamataz…(the East Coast with the seagulls isn’t the best seaside even in the middle of summer, for a lazy lounge on the beach, more like ‘bracing air’ and good space to blow away the cobwebs and grab your own fish and chip supper while the kids have a ride on the roundabouts!) the lakeside is lovely and calm until the ducks start calling, take a wander and see for yourselves. 




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