Bluebell Safety!!

Bluebells are beautiful and the Park Woods are full of them, but please keep animals and kids safe as they are poisonous, most grazing animals know to avoid them, but pets may not and athough it’s doubtful they would come to any harm as they wouldn’t consume great quantities, its best to make sure. They are a protected species too so no picking… and no folklore scares either, stay wise to the countryside ways. The park is now a City suburb but our woodland and parkland has been the same or similar for hundreds of years, even before the Hall was built there would have been bluebells in the woods. Wise lads walked miles and picked violets or primroses or maybe cowslips for their girls, but never bluebells. A branch of blossom, not too much…it meant alot in days gone by…when money was scarce…





Protect please.

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