Awsome new blog designs

Just can’t decide…change the design or not… if it were possible to remove the dark grey surround on the new designs on the preview but it isnt…can i tinker about with the design on the smartphone (very dodgy) … is the sleek modern in keeping with the park style…is it like changing the Howard Suburb for the Inner City…. The magazine layout is good for photographs, but doesn’t scroll vertically on an android phone and thats quite clumsy…the four column would be lovely if only the column sizes could be altered….

The present design seems so much more in keeping with the style of the material…a little gentler, more intuitive, more space, than the newer designs that have an urgency and a minimalist kind of appearance, attractive to a younger generation but almost detracting from the style of the material…. maybe another design would update and keep the spirit of the park area



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