Earth Hour March 31st 8.30pm to 9.30pm local time.

Earth Hour, all around the globe, the electric lights will go out for an hour from 8.30 to 9.30 local time. It’s a voluntary switchoff and Nottingham City is participating, pics will be on the website and info flying in all day as the local time switchoff creates a wave of darkness that can be seen from space!!

Participate, have an hour without electricity, give the uk power stations an idea of how much fuel we could save.

Theres a link here of international heritage sites that are participating.

(UNESCO World Heritage Centre – World Heritage sites participate in Earth Hour)

Nottingham City Council Earth Hour link…

Its a pity we aren’t going to have all the lights off, the Corner House is going to make them green instead…surely we could manage 15mins, if there was a power cut…what would happen?? Maybe an hour with flashlights?? Bring your own?? Solar lighting??

Please take care if using candle light especially if you aren’t used to it, miners lamps are safer for an hour with no electric to support earth hour or to keep around in case of electricity power cuts

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