Star Party…Update…

Two photo’s of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter…different because the ‘ecliptic’ thats the imaginary band of constellations in our night sky, appears to move like a wheel from halfway on our horizon, and up and around to the  left…and the Moon moves 15 degrees in a day…it’s higher and more to the left (W) from Sunday evening to Tuesday evening, Venus has moved a little, and Jupiter has hardly moved at all from our view…but because the Earth moves too, the whole conjunction of all three planets are best seen at a slightly different time…think that info is right…and also according to my star chart app…the constellations behind them are taurus and gemini (astrology signs are out by 23 degrees now…see the starparty page).



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2 Responses to Star Party…Update…

  1. You are a star gazer….have you seen or heard of Nibiru?

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