Reform riots 1820’s Wolly Park

Obviously we dont want any chaos in the park, but it does have it’s history, and it’s quite interesting

This should really be posted to the Early Wollaton page, but having mentioned ‘rabble’ and Ketts rebellion which claimed the life of one of the Henry Willoughby’s in the late 1549 (before the Hall was built) it’s only right to include the Silk Mill Reform riot story from the 1820’s where two of the rioters were sadly executed and many others transported to Australia…I think the lake was created after this episode in our park history…the rioters in the 1820’s were against the reform bill and had already attacked the Silk Mill in Beeston, they moved onto the park from the Derby Road end (or was it where the uni is now before Derby Rd, an old map would show the area) they were challenged by some recruited coal miners and the Nottinghamshire Militia.  Presumably there wasn’t any other kind of police in those days.

The link to read the account is an Ancestry one: you may need one of their free 15 day memberships to read it…there may be a Morris Directory link on the internet which doesn’t need a membership, and if found it will be included here, the story is on page 49 of the 1869 edition. – U.K., City and County Directories, 1600s-1900s

Another tale from the beginning of the same directory is that the old Exchange building had it’s clock illuminated by gaslight some time around the time of the 1869 Directory was printed… and  the lovely new illuminated click subsequently (november) managed to burn down the whole building…presumably this was a mistake an no-one was executed or transported.

This is a story from history, it obviously doesn’t want repeating…that’s doesn’t

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