Sometimes it’s cool to go for a wander…

Sunday’s along the river are almost as good as being at the coast…and super evening skies with a planet conjunction make a beautiful day…

It’s a different less protected kind of peacefulness than in the park and the river has different phases, alongside the weir at Beeston lock  where there are rapids, a weir and locks and there is a constant water churning noise, and along the straights where it’s just peacefully flowing along.  Not at all like the pretty little babbling river Wye in Derbyshire or the Derwent that mostly seems to have a smaller flood plain and more trees and dales.

Contrast it all with other ends of the spectrum, within the park walls it’s calm and more sedate, the river bank however makes a steady moving outside space, a little like the seaside, but a less exposed kind of water world or outside space than waves crashing on rocks, or wild moorland in the wind, but  water is just the most powerful element as it made our whole landscape, the river Trent in Notts isn’t wild like the mighty Severn or the Humber, but huge rivers are the lifeblood of the land so it’s cool to go have a look-see and it is the sixth largest river in the UK, and right on our doorstep, well 20 minutes away.

The UK has about four quite mighty rivers (not the same mighty as the hugest ones on the planet…) and lots of large but not as huge ones, their waters are the essence of each of the UK regions; apparently 6m of us live in the water catchment area of the Trent, and we are probably all settled here because of the river: once the Trent was as busy as the M1 with trade coming up and down.  All of northern europe’s peoples probably have a river based world, as well as other temperate places.

So for those of us lucky enough to live where there isn’t raging sunshine or arctic cold, and where there are trees and grass and rivers and where we relax sometimes in really neat parks and green spaces, or walk green valleys and hills or along river banks: isn’t it cool to know they are all always there; rain or no rain…no swimming though in the Trent, it’s quite dangerous.

It was really really this blue today.


and the super sky at sunset…with Venus, Jupiter and the Moon.


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