Playing with photo’s



Two photo’s exactly the same, except the second one has a slight tweek with the photo-editor app and just a teeny change …but it does lose some pic detail…if it wasnt an app maybe the brightening change could happen without losing the detail…is this depth of field?? Or just a photo and an app…what are the limitations of an 8mp android camera with editing apps??

Have a look at:-
some of the Wollypark pics will turnup in colour curve editing mode just for fun, not awsomely brill but possibly ordinarily interesting…
Oh and there’s a link now from this blog to Dilydaydream Farmer facebook, and Dilydaydream2 twitter…created via wordpress editing online on the android…
so it’s possible to link the social media and keep it updated just from a smartphone…cool…for community info …wolly sport clubs etc…

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