Splendour 2012

The info links

“Nottingham City Website Splendour Festival Info”


The Official Splendour website 


Wouldn’t it be cool if other Events that made a significant profit could be hosted at the Nottingham City sites; The Castle, Newstead Abbey and Wollaton Park to help the current year and ongoing years’ budget deficit and save some of the oap and other facility closures, maybe different types of music, lunches in the awsome buildings, opera: more varied concerts, anything that could make a profit (apparently Glastonbury festie dosn’t so that concept is a non-starter).  The attendance at the Stargazing party at Wolly Park in the deep of winter showed that people would turn up in their thousands, and if we had good concerts or events, folk would buy tickets from all around the land, or if it were small events, even just locally it’s better than just a council tax increase.  Tax us twice, offer us events!!

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