No meteor sighted here, no snow yet either…

They used to say ‘cast not a clout till May is out’ that’s the May blossom, not the month…so in the old day’s March just wasn’t guaranteed as a warm month.

There’s no second snow spotted here yet and it won’t stay even if it does turn up, but there were some awsome clouds further north and even if it’s just heavy rain that’s dodgy for driving, and yet the sunset was truly a beautiful one and we know ‘red sky at night Shepherds Delight, red sky in the morning, Shepherds warning …

Virtual Astrologer website twitter has the meteor youtube link from last night, and it’s amazing, but the sunset tonight was more amazing.


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2 Responses to No meteor sighted here, no snow yet either…

  1. Sweet Dilly! We must be kindred spirits tuned into the fading light and the returning light of spring. Thanks for being so thoughtful:~)

    • wollypark says:

      My favourite blog author, kind words keep us going, i know you have lost someone dear to you, and i have too but its a couple of years since… finding lovely pictures and writing was a real delight.

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