Social Media

I was getting so fedup with all the info flying into my phone, and not having anywhere to record it: plus it seemed ‘social media’ was getting really complicated, so a new blog has been pressed…the pages aren’t setup yet, but the basics of the ‘web’ of all these social media sites is there…

Anyone into flowers…the old name for the Iris, was Flag…they are in the front of the pic…’flag it up’ is the pun…


It’s not so much of a ‘read’ but an insight into how all these sites can interact and cascade info…and i missed a sunshiny morning and a park cafe cappaccino to make it!!! Now the sun’s gone; roll on tomorrow.

So far the individual pages just give you the name of the sites…i’m still confused about contradictory terms on some of these sites; apparently our laws are clearer than other countries but then we aren’t even as big as a ‘County’ in some USA states…It’s quite cool that the eu is together on some things…

Hopefully the blog will make a cool resource eventually.

More lyrical words again soon…

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