The UK’s best woods for spotting snowdrops

The snow has gone (although it could come back again, and Scotland still has snow forecast!! It is still winter after all).  To keep focused on Spring that’s just around the corner we could go back to Snowdrop spotting…

The UK’s best woods for spotting snowdrops


Just a drive out and maybe a lunch stop means you have a chance to see snowdrops by the roadside, often growing with pretty pale lilac crocus flowers, sadly there just aren’t enough of any of these beautiful banks of wild or cultivated flowers; or primroses and cowslips later in Spring. Maybe we should go
and plant some when the time is right.

The National Trust have a page to choose which one of their local beauty spots to visit, and where you are sure to find Spring Garden plants to cheer up a dreary week; hopefully the sun will shine, April is the time for rain to topup the reservoirs.

Don’t forget to come back and wander the lovely park gardens.

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