Ladybower Reservoir

Lots of water in the East Midlands, or so it seems



As lovely as Panorama pics are, there are changes in daylight across the three pictures that are then stitched together to make the extra wide angle pic; consequently they don’t always match perfectly. There are some really good pic editing sotfware programmes online where it’s possible to tweak the photo’s, but this view is good enough for it’s purpose today without further editing. The photo was taken with a sony w995 phone, and the phone’s panorama camera option, on Feb 21st 2012 and it’s quite cool.  Once it’s been edited it can be uploaded to Flickr (who probably have a Ladybower or Howden reservoir photo group).

As water shortage seems to be a topical subject at the moment, the photo has been added to Wollypark today so you can see a photo of where our tapwater comes from; and how the Ladybower looks this winter. The Ladybower reservoir and both Howden Reservoirs, (in the Peak District National Park), and Carsington reservoir in south Derbyshire provide most of our water. Perhaps we should be extra careful with it!!

All of these awsome reservoirs are nearby (an hour to an hour and a half’s drive, with snowdrop hedgerows too) and worth a visit any time of the year.

They make our Lake look like a pond!!

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