Free e-books and Apps

There are lots of free e-books on both the Kobo and Kindle online bookstores and the Apps are on the Android Market.

All kinds of genres…the Kobo app lets you keep track of what you are reading and has a really friendly look, it’s really cool.

The Rainbow by DH Lawrence is on there too, as a free download but you do need the app to read it…it’s on Kindle via amazon too.

Don’t forget your local bookshop, the library and even Waterstones (who have a cool cafe in Nottm City Centre).

Foursquare is a good app for finding restaurants, bars, petrol stations, Cafes and places to visit. It’s surprising how many places are included.

On WordPress and blogger, you can find lots of awsome other blogs of all kinds including spectacular photo blogs…wordpress have freshly pressed or a search by topic.

Once you have a .com blog (see the blog making page) you can make your own reading list.

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