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Young People’s Photo Competition …

October 21, 2014

Just for Young folks under 18 – rules and info here …

The Robin Hood Game and Country Show!

October 16, 2014

@HomeofRobinHood: (thats their twitter acc)

Are you visiting the Robin Hood Game and Country Show this weekend ?


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Indoors – The Robin Hood Beer Festival!

October 11, 2014

A text link is cool – cafes around and about, including the Wolly Park Cafe do, of course, sell all kinds of non alcoholic drinks.

Mmm quite used to like a pint … need bus pass!!

Festie Fringe 4-19th!

Autumn – The Trees still aren’t behaving …

October 9, 2014

Autumn Tree Colour Changing Watch …

They just like staying Green … It’s always the same little ole Nottingham is in a sheltered spot with a few nice warm Power Stations making clouds nearby and the River’s Trent, Leen, Derwent, Wye and a few smaller one’s – so the Trees stay green and leafy longer … Lucky us!!

Pretty colours are more likely at Halloween time (and in the old days of Steam Trains and ‘proper Hearth Fires’ at home glowing and comfortably warm just as long as you were no more than a few feet away, a yard at the most sitting in a comfy armchair.

There was no Central Heating 40 years ago, who remembers that we used to have some amazingly, awsome Pea Souper Foggy days.

The changing colour trees looked spooky then through the smog all misty smoke hanging like a ten foot high cloud – not so any more. 

The Park doesn’t smell each day of coal or coke or lovely hearth fire woodsmoke aroma anymore like an outside inscense and there’s no hazy shimmering heat rainbow coloured swathe of wispy smoke wafting from the Chimblies)! 

We used to look for the most smoke rising from each house all day – they were the folks who were the poshest – and if you had a coal or coke Hearth Fire in your bedroom, wow were you in clover and possibly poorly.

Late Summer rolls seemlessly into early Winter instead these days with no grey smoke choked City suburbs. Do we miss it – was the Smog part of our concept of the season. Bonfire Night comes close again now, a little wild and free and folks reliant on themselves.

Of course if there’s lots of Central Heating boilers puthering in your residential space the trees will be changing colour already something to do with air and moisture etc and all this recollecting will probably just seem like nonsense …

Lets go back to warm jumpers, layers and the back door open (while we are home) nearly all winter – hot water bottles, jumpers, hot milky drinks, sofas and eiderdowns! Just lovely after exploring or cycle riding or playing on the playpark with the kidz posse!

Grown up thoughts – What really is real as far as our trees and the vegetation in Autumn and whats the healthiest East Midlands concept, should we be anti individual heating and organic? (Do we have we mini regional warming for example) and without the artificial additions of Power Stations would our seasons change – When the Apples and Fruit on the branches (not mentioning the chemicals for yields of course) are ripening on their own and the Wheat is ready to be harvested just the once what would the shops have on the shelves – how many times a year is the land planted and harvested? Ask the County Set – they are the ones bringing these Harvests in and the people in the know – its huge thanks to them for working so hard and keeping our traditional farming, harvests and food growing!

Back to today – sitting thinking old days or region changing thoughts just isn’t getting anywhere …

So – just enjoy the Park in between the showers.


The Park is pretty good for a wander, a walk or a run even a short stroll. Even a shin up a tree for adventurous kids and amongst those paths you can even spy the Golf Course!


Lunar Eclipse 8th October – lucky for lots…

October 5, 2014

There is a total lunar eclipse on the 8th October

(nothing dodgy is going to happen it’s just the movement of the Sun Earth and Moon! In fact its likely to be lucky for some if you are superstitious – and in Astronomy terms it has the Sun conjunct or close to Venus too).

For the Superstitious

If you like Astrology and believe there is some connection with what happens in Astronomy – (Sometimes people think the Science and the Entertainment pseudo-science are connected and there is some predictive or event causing link between the two) – see  (coming soon as a pic clickthrough on the sidebar)

Astrology (not ASTRONOMY) its an entertaining and funny look at the old fashioned pre-science world that people still like to refer to occasionally just especially for fun and maybe party style self enlightenment – with lots of exceptions as its really not a science!  Please don’t ever use your Astrology chart to live your life by – the tables where the planets are located can be used to navigate with space stuff (we think) and the Eclipse does kind of give evidence the tables are correct but it doesn’t necessarily relate to individuals!!  This means you shouldn’t check your horroscope every day – just sometimes for fun!

We won’t see the Eclipse from the UK but folks in America will be able to if it’s not cloudy (so no going buying a plane tickets to head off to America to take photos !!)

Check the Stary Skies page for more info and a brill twitter link for more Astronomy info!


Astronomy Definition (Oxford Dictionary)

The branch of science which deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole.

Goose Fair 2014: 1 – 5 October – Nottingham City Council

October 3, 2014

Lovely Fall

September 26, 2014

Well Autumn but the trees here just aren’t behaving … Still green!

The carparking machines have been mashed and consequently there is a civil person taking the carparking pennies with a box office too – just by the new kiddies park.

There is something wrong with people mashing metal to obtain the carpark money resulting in the kids park being watched so to speak.

Maybe those on high need to do the decent thing and let folks have a carboot sale occassionally – balance the boots-tables so to speak!!  So the money for the carpark is recuperable and not a permanent outgoing? Just an idea – fair and reasonable!

The infra red cameras are on for the deer of course.

Hopefully the footie teams have found the footie pitches towards the Bluecoat secondary school – they always used to play there before using the space the new kids’ park is on now. When I was a kiddywink we used to run up and down the sideline and it wasn’t clear why the Saturday and Sunday stopped playing there – something to do with the pitches and goalposts belonging to Glenn Bott school … (hopefully they are back there unless they have been allocated a different space).

The Fall of course is an American word for Autumn. Kids please play safely – like learn lots balance etc.

Thanks to the car park attendant hope its not an all day snowy winter job – body parts toes hands shouldnt freeze! Chestnut sales with a brazier too??


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