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Clean Water and Violets

April 8, 2014

Time for words -

Some Folklore info – and a quote from a modern fiction book.

Partly for the sad news yesterday.

For Sad times – and for the people who made lace and those who wear it – may they achieve happiness and prosperity all through the ages and comfort in bad or sad times.

violet posy


Violets were the lace girls ‘talisman’ against not being able to work, against sad times and against violence on poor folk – especially women and of course the tough world of not being able to limit the number of pregnancies and all the associated terrible health conditions that could arise from being able to have children (until the nhs) that we don’t need to list here-  and of course they were for love – the lads picked them – the talisman effect left them if they were garden grown – and the lads proudly gave them to the girls who were allowed to work.  The men laughed. Women were supposedly forbidden violence or violent thoughts against one another … whatever their status (the opposite made them a pseudo ‘man’).

You were allowed to decorate your hat with the violet  if you were a married woman who was allowed to work as well as a single woman apparently – rather than a platignum or white gold wedding ring instead of a gold gold one – and no rings were allowed in the lace factories as they could be lost in the lace, not even a curtain ring substitute!

The ‘Finishers’ were the girls who did the folding and packing of the lace – they were almost denied food and were starved until their periods went so they the lace could be packed without fear of it being spoiled.

My uncles picked lots of violets and made them into posy’s for their favourite girls – if they had to starve the lads were prepared to fight for them.  Often they stood at the top of Long or Short stairs to hand them out as the girls went to work – they were county men who believed in women having a house side on to the road with rooms that connected and two staircases so they could run away from husbands or people who broke in – it was an important part of being suitable for marriage.

The lads bought lace for their ‘girls’ and wives.  They just didn’t know how town people could survive the ‘new rules’ where the churches had given the ordinary people a Sunday off  (‘new’ employment laws) – and then built churches for them to go to on Sundays, as religious rules were so very tough on working class folk.  The county set of course had to attend church even if they were framework knitters – all the time all through the ages, agriculture or labour- it was easier to keep check on them.

The town world was definitely not heaven or any kind of concept of on the way there.  The violets allowed happiness and told the employers not to work the women too hard or too long or keep them on short wages. There was lots of illness, lots of enteric fever in the cities and other awful ways of living until the lovely Thomas Hawksely brought clean water.  Illness of course then included Childbirth and associated womens ‘troubles’.  The finishers had to have fresh violets in Spring time for their ‘contract’ for the year – the man who gave the finishers violets would feed her if she was laid off or got pregnant because the lack of food hadn’t kept her from having children.

(Apologies if you didn’t want to know all that:- especially the illness, childbirth and starvation….it was a partly a townspeople and a women’s secret that the men – not the boys – were allowed to share.)


A quote from Dune - this quote is chosen because of the dream of ordinary people wanting to know things and find those things that made life living and the sadness that sometimes falls for whatever reason.

Dune is one of the most popular cult books in the last few decades, its a SciFi group of novels  all about the shortage of water and its importance …(and maybe because this blogger knows all the working folk wanted to go hop picking in the Autumn for a holiday by the seaside!).  It was adopted by lots of ravers around the world.

The quote is according to the words of the book and Frank Herbert the author – A ‘tone’ poem for sad times.

starting at Page 30 …

‘Is there more to this dream?’ Jessica prompted.

‘Yes. But maybe she was calling me Usul,’ Paul said ‘I just thought of that’ Again, he closed his eyes.  ‘She asks me to tell her about the waters.  And I take her hand.  And I say I’ll tell her a poem.  And I tell her the poem, but I have to explain some of the words – like beach and surf and seaweed and seagulls.’

‘What poem?’ the Reverend Mother asked.

Paul opened his eyes.  ‘It’s just one of Gurney Halleck’s tone poems for sad times.

Behind Paul, Jessica began to recite.


I remember salt smoke from a beach fire

And shadows under the pines –

Solid, clean … fixed –

Seagulls perched at the tip of land,

White upon green …

And a wind comes through the pines

To sway the shadows;

The seagulls spread their wings,


And fill the sky with screeches.

And I hear the wind

Blowing across our beach,

And I see that our fire

Has scorched the seaweed

‘That’s the one,’ Paul said.

The old woman stared at Paul, then:  ‘Young man, as a Proctor of the Bene Gesserit, I seek the Kwisatz Haderach, the male who can truly become one of us.  Your mother sees this possibility in you, but she sees with the eyes of a mother.

Possibly I see, too, but no more’

She fell silent and Paul saw that she wanted him to speak,

He waited her out.

Presently, she said: ‘As you will then.  You have depths in you: that I’ll grant.

‘May, I go now?’ he asked.

‘Don’t you want to hear what the Reverend Mother can tell you about the Kwisatz Haderach?’ Jessica asked.

‘She said those who tried for it died.’

‘But I can help you with a few hints at why they failed,’ the Reverend Mother said.

She talks of hints, Paul thought.  She doesn’t really know anything. And he said; ‘Hint then’

‘And be dammed to me?’ She smiled wryly, a crisscross of wrinkles in the old fact.  ‘Very well: “That which submits rules”

He felt astonishment; she was talking about such elementary things as tension within meaning.  Did she think his mother had taught him nothing at all?

‘That’s a hint?’ he asked.

‘We are not here to bandy words or quibble over their meaning,’ the old woman said,  “The willow submits to the wind and prospers until one day it is many willows – a wall against the wind.  This is the willow’s purpose’.


end of quote


The quote above has been taken from a science fiction fantasy set of books:- one that had many links to information that Frank Herbert the author wanted to create allegories to;  for example the oil world – in one interview he linked the ‘melange spice’ he talks of in the book to oil and the aim  is about our total dependence on clean water.

Book Info – there are probably copies in the library and on Amazon and Kindle – and there’s lots of super reading info links on the Goodreads website.

Sci-Fi Fiction

Author:- Frank Dune


Part one of the Dune Trilogy (six books last one 1985)

Nel Books reprinted 1979


This paragraph (quote) is found on the info page, the flyleaf,  to the first book in the series.

‘To the people who labors go beyond ideas into the realm of ‘real materials’ – to the dry-land ecologists, whenever they may be, in whatever time they work, this effort at prediction is dedicated in humility and admiration.

This is the last Chapter Heading for the last book –  Chapter House Dune – Book 6.

Paired opposites define your longings and those longings imprison you.


Just one more piece of info – (apart from advice to read the books as they are entertaining)

 So … because the Raver Generation adopted the books and made lots of creative raves around the theme – all around the world this additional info is needed …

“With apologies to the Raver Generation and the kids too young to see them, who dearly wanted to go to raves and participate and achieve some kind of hope – there surely will be one for you at a festie sometime”. And also to the new poverty that’s stifling any creativity in the name of austerity.


Wolly Park world

Its ok to read, its ok to learn, and its ok to be creative in the present  etc etc

A comment just in case anyone mistakes or misconstrues this post about pretty violet flowers …

… Believe, we would not wish harm on anyone for anything at any time unless there was some extra ordinary circumstances that might be a community threat (same as any place really we hope to solve issues via the vote – the word is hope!) – the violets are not for violence they are a warning against it and are supposed to advise folk to believe in love and let it blossom and protect it – the dread is there is an awful world without it … and they don’t have any connection with blindness although the charity associated does use the flower as its emblem.

Violets flower in the Spring and if you look carefully you might find some in the fields or hedgerows.

Info on Lace …

There is a page about Lace on the blog – it could take up to three weeks to thread a lace machine – there are some of those in the Industrial Museum in the Courtyard!!


… and now its time for Tea … wise women etc

08 April 2014




The New Playpark!

April 3, 2014

Info on this link!!

Hope its as much fun as the Adventure Playground we knew in the ’70s!!

Don’t forget some cycle parking spaces!

Earth Hour 2014 – 5 days to go

March 24, 2014

Switch off just for an hour – to support Earth Hour 2014!

Create your own Event page link

Nottingham City Council Event Link is here


Try a walk by the River – but take extra care …

March 18, 2014

The same goes for the lake – all water is dangerous including the beach – so just be careful and don’t try swimming in the lake in the park or the river as the water can be very dodgy and the currents in the river are treacherous.

There’s Beeston Marina, Gunthorpe Lock, Hoveringham, Holme Pierrepont National Watersports Centre all of them have reasonable car parking and have super walks. At Beeston and Gunthorpe there a a few pubs and cafes too, plus some boat trips and then of course there’s Trent Bridge where the Princess sails from.





Lazy Sunday

March 10, 2014

Celebrating Winter’s over – do we wish we lived by the Med?


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February 19, 2014

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Happy Valentines 2014

February 14, 2014


Checkout the Facebook link on the sidebar – lots of lovely links … Latest Aha’s new track on soundcloud Manmade Lake !!

Keep it all together …

Good Luck Olympians

Dont forget Valentines for friends can be funny – don’t let the moneymakers spoil your day!!

What a silly time of year for romance!!

& Remember the worst of days; if you are flooded out – can become the best of days if only you can find something that will make you laugh play music, put fairy lights back on, watch a funny vid …make a playlist …


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