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Leicester Music Festival

July 25, 2014

Commonwealth Games

July 25, 2014

The 2014 games are being held in Glasgow and they have a twitter – see the sidebar for tweets!

The Tour de France is still happening and they have just finished the Mountain stages, lots of people have retired and its really exciting – check their twitter on the link on the sidebar too!

The Dily Facebook click through has both of their facebook links too.

This ‘made 95% on an Android Smartphone blog’ is almost becoming an online Mago!!Sadly the Squirrel vid had to be uploaded via the pc as Flickr now want the googleplay app at 24mb as well as their app at 17mb see android sushi blog – guess, sidebar!!

Notts Pride

July 25, 2014

Notts Pride this Saturday

Chilling, the Museum and a good read!

July 24, 2014

Chilling …

The signs in this part of the garden were made ages ago and don’t quite reflect the space any more but it’s lovely and quiet and shady on a hot summer evening.  Its still a real treat to find summer evenings that go on for days – memories of heading for the park after school or work pile one on the other and its just a shame that the lido’s for swimming have closed …(don’t swim in the lake its poisonous!)

As these few event posts (Aug & Sept) were made on the android smartphone, a tiny Robin came past my seat, then a squirrel had a leisurely nosey, a crow and a couple of smaller birds flew by and the wind picked up and rustled the trees. The very hungry caterpillar didn’t move at all and lots of butterflies and bees flew in and out of the plants and flowers: (some of them are herbs and if you brush-crush a small leaf you can tell which ones they are, for example lemon balm). Its not practical to take the leaf and you shouldn’t taste them just in case you are allergic or they aren’t edible of course. A large fat pigeon waddled by and lots of noisy birds flew overhead.  A strange noise like a cat was apparently coming from a squirrel who was adamant there should be some food on offer … any idea whereabouts this is, in the park?

Theres a video of the said squirrel here  (its sideways on because vids will rotate but Flickr wont upload them in the new format – if it isn’t showing here check the small sidebar flickr feed.

It’s a worry the poor small animal is thirsty in the heatwave, now the fishpond is empty and the stream that used to bubble up by the poplar trees (and school extra playing field) has been filled in! It’s quite a long trek for a squirrel to the lake as they are territorial – so is the Robin! (Thats the bird not Robin Hood or Batmans mate – the least said about that movie the better! We are on parkland land thats been here from before 1580 not 1880 or 1940ish!)


On evenings like these a few children book quotes come to mind especially with the Natural History Museum in the Hall and all the animals  – Swiss Family Robinson is one of them – it was cool to think of the explorers who found all the exhibits and brought them back to the Hall stuck on some remote island … shades of Brazil and the rain forest?

“Next day we started back for Falcon’s Nest – leaving behind us a very generous supply of fodder for the animals at the farm which we had decided to call Waldegg  or Woodcroft,  We chose a track which led up a steep ridge a little to the right of Cape Disappointment” …on one hand we had a splendid view of the sea and of the cape. All around were fresh green meadows, limpid streams, and flowering trees, it was so beautiful that it took our breath away.  … Arcadia …”

Any ideas what these other books might be as ideas of wandering home come to mind ?

(through the wardrobe)
(to hobbit land)
(to find the lone pine)
(to the lake and find swallow before peggy and her mate)
(head off home to see who the new dad library bod was)
(write a mole type diary entry)

The books were quite fun to read and not forgotten over the years do you know the authors? Someone send me a Harry Potter quote pse!)

There were other good things to while away some time  in the park… or plan to sort out in the next couple of days …

Have a wander around the museum in the Hall

Make up novels or stories or even films about pirates, posh kids, street kids – take ideas from ones already written, filmed etc

Make music …practice !

Mend the bicycle …

keep going back to the pulley zip wire … (sadly the new one is quite small)

Bramcote – Beechdale baths …

check out the Aventure playground at Coventry Lane (age 4-14 ish)

and then years ago as we got to be “Adults” -

just off to the local (in our day 18 was the drinking age) …

and this was how we phoned our friends ..

ph box



August soon: Nottingham Riverside Festival & Archery at Wollaton Park

July 24, 2014

There are lots more events in the next few weeks – and there are more all around the County just keep checking the info!

The East Midlands and obviously the UK have so much on offer for the Summer- check the twitter (see the side bar, there are lists to make info easier to find e.g. local lovely links, local sport etc they are updated each week at least)

Our neighbouring County pages on the menu all have links to places to visit

The full set of pages on the sidebaralso  has lots of UK links if you are off for a weekend or on holiday in the UK.


Nottingham Events coming up



Nottingham Riverside Festival

1-3 August



Nottingham Carnival (just Sunday now – check the Facebook link)




Archery Finals 30 and 31 on Wollaton Park!


aug and sept 2


Phew Tidied & Cycles!!

July 22, 2014

All tidied up


& are these cycles always going to be available on the Park as that seems a good idea! If someone should have taken them back, a contact form has been filled in – if they are staff transport: soz!

And we have a Table Tennis table in the courtyard near the shop!

All we need now is some 4legged horses (not as large as the Police Horses used to be when the Stables were really Stables and we kids took Apples for them) just nice ones and small ones for kids that are really good natured. Maybe a new stables could be made in the old kitchen gardens for them during the day time!! Obviously it wouldn’t be practical all week.

Remember the 70s Nottingham Festie with record breaking horse jumping from the Horse Riding Sporty folk – we ordinary folk wouldn’t need jumps just the ability to walk a 4legged and put a saddle and bridle on – to find out about the things the Countryside folk take for granted. Even a riding school turning up with a few dependable rides one Sunday (maybe a quieter Monday) a month would be cool! There are local riding stables so it wouldn’t be too difficult a concept!


The cycles may be lost and found – presumably they go with the Table Tennis and Summer ideas.


July 22, 2014

Getting back to normal, loving the return to peace with not so many people around late evening (like none – supa wow!)  and the sense of lots of breathing green space back with the beautiful gardens, parkland, majestic trees the lake and the noisy fun people packed events like Splendour all finished. All the happy tired folk home and smiling (maybe with headaches it was really loud as festies should be).

The contrasts of the weather and the seasons, light and dark days: bright breezy warmth and soft rain or magic thunderstorms. Especially the evening soft warm wind just above ground level lazily blowing, gently wafting the warm summer air around, dreaming of an almost midnight sunset and not wanting to give the day up.

Thinking of the drawing in of the days towards autumn or at least harvest time, apples on trees and berries on bushes – strawberry and raspberry feasts to come – and of course practically thinking there’s a whole six weeks school summer holiday to enjoy now and if the sunshine keeps up, lots of picnic teas maybe a few gallons of iced tea or coffee and ice cream too.

The rainstorms of course keep the place refreshed and tip of the day – the deer dont hang out on the hill slopes much! They of course could do with lots of water troughs all around the park in the heatwaves but they can’t trust the humans with them (thats the park rangers not the deer!) and thats pretty much out of order. Its a long walk to the lake for a drink and the grass gets dry sure they have four legs but all the same they deserve fresh water all over the park.

The woods and trees make super shade and its like sitting on a beach or in the countryside if you close your eyes and dream a little. 

That reminds me – can Jackies ice cream van come back in the top car park as well as the new one by the kids playground please! I can’t get my ice cream 99 from the kids playpark to the gardens without it melting! Theres room for both vans and folk would spend at both and the cafe! Ta!


Now whats the next event …

Theres too many sad things happening in the big wide world – check the charities list on the twitter – click through on the sidebar and sometimes send the price of a coffee or ice to a charity of your choice lots of them accept text message donations. Dont send too much – if everyone remembers now and again and sends a little they could double their appeals. Not unpleasant uncaring folk but lots local people of consience

‘Deep down there was a little something out of tune …C Jung’

… ‘but hey thats their way maybe … W Park’


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