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Stressless Christmas!

December 19, 2014



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Santa Christmas Steaming

December 14, 2014

A little late – its this afternoon!


There’s a free market at Nottingham Castle too – both events have been retweeted on 

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Winter Storm Check Beeston Marina!

December 12, 2014

It’s pretty cold – ‘bracing’ – ‘blow the cobwebs away’ – kind of weather down by the River at Beeston Marina and no sign of the mega storm thats cut the Western Isles electricity for a day and created huge waves all along the West Coast!



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Wollaton Hall Tudor Christmas Market!

December 5, 2014

One Market’s the 6th (soz late for that one, its this Saturday) and one’s the December Steaming and Market on 14th!

Lets face it, the Tudor Willoughby’s or De Bugges just wouldn’t have let us through the gates – and although the Hall wasn’t built until Elizabeth I time there was a large estate here. The big Hall was built and finished in time for the days of the Spanish Armada in 1588:- a totally bad time to be in England with Religious wars and terrible sanctions – the ordinary people were just getting over the worst of it all in Elizabeth I’s reign.

There may have been a Wollaton Yule-Christmas Market on the land by Martins Pond which dates back to the Normans and Lenton Priory and their Granges, or in the village! It wouldn’t have had the retro Victorian Christmas tree and present giving we are all so used to, but may have had a super feast, games, lots of merrymaking and of course lots of going to Church!


Tudor Market December 6th
The Steaming is December 14th

Lots of stalls with original potential presents (yes we all want to keep lovely things for ourselves!) and yummy food on sale – yes half outdoors, yes the Cafe is open, yes there are pubs nearby, yes there are car parking charges but its not too much!

kk Super Festie Fun.


Super Park!

Winter Wonderland, Christmas Lights and Wollaton Park Events

November 24, 2014

It’s nearly December, Advent etc and so the popup chalet shops are in Slab Square, the Christmas Lights have been switched on and look lovely (check the twitter feed on the sidebar there’s some pic Retweets!) and Wollaton Park has a few Winter and Christmas Events!

The Shopping Malls are decorated in all the EMids and SYorks Cities, the village pubs are overflowing with Yuletide Cheer, Mulled Wine in Chocolate Box Derbyshire villages. Restaurant meal deals are all across the region (Notts Derbys and Leics, Rutland and Lincs, SYorks!) towns with Stilton Cheese suppers, local frosty markets and super Stately Homes and Estates with all kinds of Christmas Events plus the Theatres with Pantomimes and other shows!

Its happiness packaged till New Year – be canny and go for the sensible but super Yuletide! If working, thanks, remember you can celebrate a week early or a week later!!

Pics soon.

It is of course Thanksgiving Day in the US

To Digress and ‘For the Record’ today as it’s important for various reasons an almost accounting for self:- and to ‘put things straight’ this WollyPark blog person – Dily’s wants folks to know it would be her 35th Wedding Anniv today 24th Nov! (cept the divorce happened with no fault and no maint not too long after!) &

Deep Thoughts … They often happen around Christmas Season as the planning starts …

No we two didn’t walk the park together – that is really strange to me; sadly we were ‘doing a house up with a joint mge’ in Wollaton and it all ended and neither wanted to lose our home!

Personally, I did however spend most of my childhood in the park and maybe thats a really good thing! We separated – and a few years later we made a Ltd. Co. together, ltd shares and all – sadly that didn’t go far either! I was asked to get back together afterwards many times but didn’t think it wise.

I stayed put in the locality with my new love and looked after my little parents; they lived here in Wollaton. Strangely they didn’t visit the park either with me, not even as as a child my friends and I were sent off to play and tire ourselves out without adults!

Maybe my folks walked the park together without the kids! We did however; the parents and I, spend hours, weekends and holidays in all kinds of greenspace all over the region and UK and take tons of landscape pics! – meanwhile or sometime later, a certain other person worked around the world. As did other Special people. He also had another relationship in Wollaton that also ended sadly and moved on.

We all watched Bob Geldof and the Feed the World Concert – I hoped my most special person, group were playing! I liked my new phase.

Wollaton and Nottm were my childhood and are still my Home, the Church has changed (different people now) from the Flower Arranging days looking after the flower art folk with my little mum and her friends. This place is half of my families home etc. the other half being from the South Coast and the Navy, the Channel and Castles.

Thinking of bringing people together isn’t always simple.

It’s lovely to be able to sing the praises of the lovely EMids both sides of the Trent and also S.Yorks on the blog. We – my ex and I, made up after our divorce more or less for a short while on and off and although communities often think the women gain and men lose in divorce it’s not necessarily so:- we went our 50/50 way with no maintenance and a house sold (v sad) and we carried on with our lives. If you are reading this ‘Happy Anniversary’ dear.

Both have had and have other relationships and although this is weird in some families and communities, in the UK and EMids its quite ordinary!

Love the one you are with, and have a Happy Future.

This goes especially for my own family and other young people in the community with complicated families. We do think about the situations we create and it’s not particularly modern, folks would move on in relationships in villages – by the village green ‘rules’.

Today as I reminisce, it’s Love to the in-law extended family from ’76 onwards, we had some fun days, I saw folks grow up, and although we didn’t keep in touch enough, its good to know we tried to be civilised eventually!! Its sad the wedding was so quiet too but thats another story long in the telling!

Love to my own extended family – locally and around the UK, soz we married all those years ago so quietly! We’re a reasonably tolerant bunch and almost sophisticated so it was ok with the caveat of living together first and the sadness of not staying together.

Thinking of now (as women) 35 years on. As the ordinary retirement age extends for women of my age its particularly poignant how we have been treated and how the system just hasn’t lived up to extended tolerant and equality ideals – creating bitter women as well as working men isn’t so cool. Lower wages and salaries and inequality was part of our lives. It is no better now with zero contracts etc – we were temp workers sometimes – the establishment thought we should rely on marriage but not everyone’s partner is on a high salary from the beginning.

We dont begrudge the lucky ones who stayed together – it just ‘is’.

We loved and lost – it wasn’t meant to be that way but lifes not simple!

Thinking of the chaos this system can create even years later is for brave folk. …

So the spin-off is ‘Words of wisdom for Christmas’ if you have to work and leave your partner with relatives please dont let it ruin your lives! Plan a family get together somewhere you can all stay over – Hotel, YHA even, etc so the pressure is off!

Christmas and Yuletide should be happy not stressed and falling out or too many compromises – adapting is very cool!

More than one extended family can be normal …

So Today it’s “Happy Anniversary – & Happy ‘Have thought of you and special folks many times’ Day

Kind Words for 35 years gone by.

Now, speaking of dear (lateral thinking over and back to focusing on the Blog!)

The Red Deer and the Fallow Deer are of course in training and resting for their big night on 25 Dec. You can see them in the park, they are the UK’s largest animals please take care as they might be as unhappy the summer is over as you are. kk.

Enjoy the Festie Season 2014.

Wollaton Hall also hosts Wedding’s and Wedding Fayres throughout the Year – the Industrial Museum should do the same with divorce celebrations maybe? The Anvil etc.

There are Santa Specials at the GCRN and happenings at the Framework Knitters, and much more. Lots of Garden Centre wonderlands – stay Happy!

Capoaccino, Latte in the Cafe and a brisk Greenspace walk, a lovely dinner – enjoy Christmas on whatever budget! Say hi to a neighbour you dont normally talk to. Be Cheerful!

Employers – be kind (pay too of course, and sensible hours) to employees esp those with kids please!! V Important!

Poorly folk – hope the Christmas Season isn’t too much and theres someone who cares, ditto old folk.

Heres to Friends esp old Friends

Heres to 2015 and many more years to come – to all the close Family, Extended Families, The Christmas Card List, The Friends past and present, the Region and to Civilised Tolerance and to one or two Very Special People!

Here’s to a Happy Christmas Season.

Please dont drink if you are driving , not even if working the next day – bars have awesome just fruit cocktails please.


Rememberance Sunday

November 9, 2014

Lots happening in London and around the UK and Internationally.

The small memorial in Wollaton Park will have a Red Poppy Wreath laid and there is info on the 508th Page about the Servicemen commemorated by the memorial.

Other info about the brave servicemen can be found on a link at:-

Many of the villages in Nottinghamshire have their own Memorials to Servicemen who died in various battles and wars through different centuries and some names are inscribed or have records in the village and city churches.

It’s 100 years now since WW1 started and the Castle Museum has held an exhibition: info has been on the Wollaton_nottm twitter on the blog sidebar.

Nottingham Castle Event

November 6, 2014

Info via twitter @ExperienceNotts: See a spectacular fireworks display & fire walk @NottmCastle on Saturday. Tickets available from @NottinghamTIC –
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